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The VA Accelerator

Build your own successful Virtual Assistant Business in just 90 days - live life on your terms!

Hey, so you have heard that being a virtual assistant could be a great way to start your own business?

You’ve done some research and you know it’s the PERFECT role for you?

BUT you have absolutely no clue where to even start? Do you need a website? A business plan? How are you going to find clients?

Fear not! The VA Accelerator is here and you could have your own successful Virtual Assistant business in just 90 days.

I don’t know what your personal situation is:

  • Maybe you are working full-time and hate every minute of it?
  • Or maybe you are a Mum with a little one and you dread the day your maternity leave ends?
  • Or maybe you have older children but can’t find a job to fit around your commitments?
  • Or does your family travel a lot and a stable job just isn’t an option?
  • Maybe you live in a country where women are not encouraged to work or you can only get a job if you’re in with the right people?

Whatever your situation is I want to tell you that you are not alone – and there is a way out. And becoming a Virtual Assistant may just be it.

Imagine waking up in the mornings on your own terms (well, or those of your children, my course can’t help with that I’m afraid!). Imagine being able to plan your days in advance and to be in control of every minute. Imagine working on projects close to your heart that are actually fun AND getting paid for it – wouldn’t that be amazing?

All of this is possible as a Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a virtual professional that supports business owners in running their company remotely. There are many different kinds of virtual assistants out there with specialisms in all different sectors. We all do the same thing, but we all have different skills we bring to the table.

Virtual Assistants work from their home (or wherever they like) and there is no need for you to be in a specific place at any time – unless you agree to it. Your business on your terms and your life on your terms. What more could you want?

How do you get started?

Now that you know the possibility of working from home in a genuine role exists, you need to know how to get started. And unfortunately this is where many dreams end. You research, you learn, you consume – and then you do nothing because you are totally overwhelmed! No more of this. It’s time to decide what you want to do with your life and then take purposeful action to get there – and I’m here to help you.

Who are you?

It would be rude not to introduce myself! I’m Jess and I started my own virtual assistant business in 2016 after following the same path of discovery you are on right now. I had built quite a successful career in early education, but I felt lifeless, exhausted and frustrated with the ever increasing pressure and lack of financial reward. I knew we couldn’t afford to start a family and I needed a way out. I discovered my passion for helping entrepreneurs by accident, but I was hooked.

After 3 months of running the business ON TOP OF my full-time job I hired my first assistant and another 3 months later I quit my job – this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Since then my business has grown exponentially, I now have a team of 7 freelancers working with me and have had a baby as well. Life and business on my terms – and the same is possible for you.

I have now taken those same strategies I used to start and grow my business and packaged them up especially for you, so YOU can do the same. I promise it’s not rocket science, it’s a combination of determination, the right strategy and work.

Why take a course?

When I started I didn’t take a course. What? Yep, I didn’t feel attracted to the courses out there, I felt like they weren’t targeting people like me, so I decided to work in a group with a coach instead. While I made excellent progress, this however meant that I learnt a lot of lessons the hard way and was ill-prepared in some situations. I am stubborn and I didn’t give up, I researched, studied and learnt AND then still had the time and energy to actually DO something with what I’ve learnt and take action, however I have seen over time many people don’t. They just get overwhelmed, end up in analysis paralysis and give up.

This is not a fate I’d want for you. I want you to be able to run your own business and I want to give you all the tools and information you need in ONE place. 

Convenience and proven systems served on a golden platter – just for you.

So, let’s take a look at what the course will be covering.

The VA Accelerator

The VA Accelerator is a self-study course with a private Facebook Group for additional support and accountability. The content is carefully curated to take you through the process of taking your business from zero to hero. Over 12 weeks you are going to learn everything you need to start your business and make money. Of course just LEARNING about something isn’t good enough, you also need to TAKE ACTION, but that bit is on you.

So, let me tell you what we’re going to be covering in detail:

Module 1 - Your Motivation

I won’t lie to you! Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted and in this module we’re laying the foundations for a successful business mindset.

Week 1: In week 1 we will define your vision and purpose, the reason behind why you want to start your own business. These exercises will help you to draw up your reasons and the results will be your motivation on those days where you feel like packing it all in.

Week 2: In week 2 we are going to look at YOU. Yes that’s right. Each person has their own unique set of skills and characteristics and it’s essential for you to know what you’re naturally good at and in which areas you have previous experience that can be transitioned into your business. Anyone that ever says “but you have just been a Mom” obviously doesn’t juggle the kids and household!

Module 2 - The Foundations of Business

In Module 2 we are laying the foundations for a successful business. Again we often get so excited about the actual work, that we forget to put some basic structures in place – and I won’t let you do that.

Week 3: In week 3 we are going to use your exercises from week 2 to find your niche and define your services. We are then going to determine who your ideal client is going to be. This part will help you when you’re making those all important decisions on WHO it is you’re going to serve.

Week 4: In week 4 we are going to get clear on your pricing and write your actual business plan. I am an advocate for treating your business as one from the first day, as otherwise bad habits can creep in and keep your business from doing well. This is not a hobby after all.

Module 2 - Setting up your online presence

Module 3 is all about laying the foundations for your marketing. For your ideal client to be able to discover you, you need a home on the internet.

Week 5: In week 5 I’m going to get you to do some research around your ideal client and where they gather on the internet. This will lay the foundation for your marketing from this point onwards. Your time is limited, particularly when you have other commitments such as a job or a family, so I want you to use every minute wisely.

Week 6: In week 6 we will use the outcomes of your research from the previous week to set up your marketing channels. I will show you how to create a website with wordpress and divi, give you recommendations for hosting and show you how to set up your social media accounts.

Module 4 - Getting ready to accept clients

Ok, so now that you are set up ready to advertise yourself, it’s time to get clients, no? Nope. Before you get started with putting yourself out there, you want to be prepared for those enquiries – there is nothing more frustrating than losing a potential client, because you’re not actually ready for them.

Week 7: In week 7 we are going to look at your future booking process, what happens from the first time a client gets in touch with you until you start work. We are going to look at the essential documents that you need to send to them and what you may want to include.

Week 8: In week 8 we will look at your customer service as well as your project management setup and I’m going to show you how I manage our clients using Asana. The same strategies can be applied to other Project Management Tools as well, so don’t worry if you prefer Trello or Basecamp.

Module 5 - Attracting and Booking Clients

Phew, a lot of work goes into building a business doesn’t it? If you’re still with me, then guess what? We are ready to open our doors for those lovely ideal clients. But, where are they?

Week 9: In week 9 we are going to look at your appointment booking system and I’m going to show you how to use Acuity and Google Calendar to handle your Discovery Calls. I’m also going to share hands on strategies with you to make your discovery call a success.

Week 10: In week 10 we are going to look at different strategies you can use to attract your ideal client. We are going to look at the importance of niching, creating content, social media updates and using FB groups to attract the right people.

Module 6 - Managing Clients and Projects

Module 6 is all about dealing with all of those lovely new clients after they have signed up with you. It’s not good enough to just get people to join your team, you also need to make sure you look after them and deliver on your promises. Anything else is bad for your reputation and will kill your business faster than you can count to 3.

Week 11: Week 11 is all about organising yourself on a daily basis, managing your clients projects inside Asana and dealing with the flood of emails.

Week 12: And finally in Week 12 we are going to look at how you can use your amazing relationship with clients to gather testimonials and get referrals to grow your business.

The Tech Pack

My speciality is technology and I will be offering the tech tools section in addition to the course content, so if you’re new to online business (which I assume you are) this alone is worth the price of the course. I’m going to teach you some basic skills in WordPress, MailChimp, ConvertKit and other commonly used tech tools, so you can apply them in your work, either in your own business OR for your clients, right away.

Sounds exciting? That’s because it is. This could be the first step you’re taking towards making your dreams a reality and I can’t wait to support you through it.

So, what’s included with the course?

  • Lifelong access to the course content and any future updates
  • Video Lessons that explain the tasks for the week and give you all the knowledge you need to get them done
  • A selection of course materials such as worksheets and checklists to help you build your business
  • The tech pack as an extra allowing you to learn about all of those online tools your clients will be using – these videos are added on an ongoing basis
  • Private Facebook Community

I believe in hands on advice to help you make baby steps in the right direction with your new business. Unlike some of the other “big names” out there, I don’t want you to believe, that everything will be perfect and you’ll be making six-figures over night, instead I focus on getting you to take focussed action every day to reach your goals – at the end, the tortoise wins the race!

If you are ready to take your life into your own hands then it’s time to take action now.

Sounds tempting, but you want to know how much it will be? I get it. The course will be available at the reduced rate of $97 until a good bunch of the tech videos have been added. Yes you heard this right. I am going to give you ALL the resources you need to build a successful business for only $97.00 and you will receive additional videos to develop your tech knowledge on a monthly basis – without paying a penny extra.

You can join today and get started immediately and the new modules will release on a weekly basis.


Will this course be right for me?

This course is aimed at those starting out in their journey on becoming a virtual assistant. If you have an existing business, then I can support you through strategy sessions or one to one coaching.

When will the tech videos come out?

I am recording the tech videos alongside the course videos and handbooks etc. so there will be a new set of videos released every month and the price of the course will increase as we go along.