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The 'Perfect Your Pricing' Workshop

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Are you dreaming of running your own business?

Picturing yourself as CEO of your own little empire?

Or just hoping to spend more time with your children and make some additional money on the side?

In that case becoming a Virtual Assistant could be perfect for you!

But right now you have no idea where to start! You know what service you could offer, but you have NO clue what to charge for it. What is the “going rate”? Are people willing to pay for this?

This is leaving you in analysis paralysis. How are you supposed to be booking clients, if you’re not even sure what to charge. Or maybe you have started your business already but you are struggling to book clients, because you don’t feel confident in your pricing and the value you deliver? Or you are working all the hours, but just don’t seem to be making a fair amount of money!

What you really want is to move past this frustrating stage in your business and get to work, and my super simple pricing strategy can help you to do just that. Remember: Nothing is set in stone and your pricing can (and will) change, but you just need to start somewhere.

During this workshop I covered my simple strategy I still use to calculate our hourly rates. We focus on what you want to achieve for yourself and your family long term and then work out how you’re going to make that happen.

I’m passionate about helping people achieve their own version of freedom and your pricing is absolutely essential to make this happen. If you get this wrong you will end up feeling frustrated and begin to resent your business, so if you get this right from the get go, you’re on to a winner!

So, what’s included with the workshop?

  • Lifelong access to the workshop recording where we cover everything you need to know from setting your business vision to my super simple pricing strategy – watch this and take action!
  • A copy of the workshop slides in case you need to refresh your memory, but don’t have time to watch the whole recording again
  • Access to the Facebook Group to discuss your progress and get advice and support from me and the other members
  • Access to any future updates and additional resources added to the workshop



Facebook Group

I believe in hands on advice to help you make baby steps in the right direction with your new business. Unlike some of the other “big names” out there, I don’t want you to believe, that everything will be perfect and you’ll be making six-figures over night, instead I focus on getting you to take focussed action every day to reach your goals – at the end, the tortoise wins the race!

Like the sound of this? Then you can sign up to the workshop below. For only $9.95 you get lifetime access and will receive any updates to the workshop or materials.

As soon as you have purchased you will receive your login details for the membership site, where you can access your workshop and see what else is available. You can also join my Facebook Group the Freedom VA to discuss your progress and share your workings for me to look over and join the discussions with the other VAs.


Will this workshop be right for me?

The workshop is aimed at those starting out on their journey to becoming a VA or those that are struggling to get their prices right and feel like they are undercharging or “working all the hours for no money”. We will be working on your vision for where you want your business to take you and then base your pricing on this. If you are already running a business and are looking to upscale or learn how to develop fully fledged packages, this training is not for you – I will have more content coming up for you soon!

Do I HAVE to charge by the hour or offer packages, if this is not what I want to do?

NO! Unlike some of the other “gurus” out there I don’t advocate “the right way”. All of our businesses are unique and I still offer both hourly services and packages and do very well with it. I find one option more suitable for certain projects than the other hence why I use both. My aim is to have you comfortable with your pricing at this point and able to review and adjust it as and when necessary without worrying that you are not making enough money.